Mission Statement

Helping children succeed.

Sowing the Seeds for Success!

Learning requires active thinking and experimenting in a nurturing environment filled with endless opportunities.

At Sowing Seed School our goal is to support children’s development from birth to prepare them for the future by providing a safe, warm and welcoming place for children to explore, learn and grow at their own pace.


The Sowing Seed School believes in meeting the needs of the “whole” child, physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

We believe that “purposeful play” teaches children to think creatively and to problem solve in order to succeed and grow in this complex and ever-changing world.


Sowing Seed School utilizes the Creative Curriculum for all of the age groups served at the school, infants, toddlers, two’s and preschool.  Their hands on and experimental approach to learning affords the best opportunity for children to flourish and grow to their fullest potential while honoring each child’s needs.

Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that is aligned to the New Jersey Birth to Three Standards and the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. These standards address the five domains of learning and development which are, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, language development and communication, cognitive development, and physical and motor development.


The Creative Curriculum component for infants/toddlers and two’s is designed to help educators utilize developmentally appropriate activities for very young children in quality group care. We offer nurturing daily routines and meaningful experiences that meet children’s strengths, interests, and needs. 

It focuses on providing responsive, intentional care while honoring and respecting the role that educators play in helping children develop secure attachments and gain confidence as learners.


The Creative Curriculum component for preschool age children supports effective and intentional teaching.  It offers support for promoting children’s learning in all essential areas that can help them to develop their creativity, confidence, and critical thinking skills. 


Pooja Ashok Jain

Our daughter Renee started sowing seeds back in September when she was just 3 months old. We are very thankful for the love and affection that she has received from miss Gloria, and the others in the school. I highly recommend this facility to all the parents looking for a top-notch daycare/school for their kids.